Jessica Scott

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Hello, I'm Jess.

I currently live in Somerset, England.

I'm Director of Communication and Connection at Think Productive, where I'm passionate about championing a fair, inclusive, and trusting team environment.

Amongst my colleagues, I make it my mission to always champion well-being and work-life balance and I love making people feel appreciated by shouting about their accomplishments.

In my personal life, I love spending time with the people I love, cooking, and musical theatre. I have an unhealthy obsession with star signs (I'm an Aries) and I'll try to guess your star sign within an hour of meeting you!

Jessica is pictured looking towards the camera. She is wearing a black polka-dot dress and has a bow in her hair.
Jessica is pictured looking off to the side of the camera. She is wearing a black polka-dot dress and has a bow in her hair.

On Leadership

I have two brilliant women to thank for my interest in becoming a workplace Leader and for shaping my career.

First of all, Rebecca Goodger at Qualifa who encouraged me to apply for my first Team Leader position when I was 17, as she saw something in me that I didn't.

Secondly, Elena Kerrigan at Think Productive, who has been mentoring me since I joined the company to be the best version of myself that I can be, and always encourages me to push myself further.

I've also always been keen to lead side projects alongside my full-time job. Most notably I created Jess & Josh Cook, which was a food blog, cafe and catering business. I love writing and I love cooking for other people, so this was a no-brainer!

Alongside our CEO at Think Productive, I also wrote an eCourse for our membership site on "How to Manage a Side Hustle", so if that's something that interests you, drop me an email and I can get it over to you.

Kudos to Jess for being an absolute linchpin at HQ. Jess has navigated new session logistics and endless webinars, she has calmly managed a myriad of requests and changing circumstances from the team, bookkeepers, clients and suppliers. Honestly, it would take me all day to work out and list all the things she's been juggling and taking off my hands. And still she finds space to think and plan strategically about things like SEO and the website.

Elena, Managing Director, Think Productive

I appreciate your calmness, your "I’ll fix it" attitude. I appreciate that you have sorted the logistics into such an efficient process. I know I don’t need to chase you for handouts, that you’ll get the job done and let me know if there is a problem. I appreciate all those extra things you do, checking in with us and sharing our successes via client feedback. You do your job in a way that makes it look like everything is effortless which I’m sure it’s not. You are much valued and appreciated.

Hayley, Productivity Ninja, Think Productive

Jess encouraged me on a daily basis and ensured I was totally comfortable with the campaign I was on, even offering to participate in practice calls on multiple occasions if I felt I needed it. By the time I left Qualifa I was able to hit targets regularly and felt like a key member of the team, I can only accredit Jess for this! I now feel completely comfortable during phone calls and tele-conferences. My confidence increased substantially while being managed by Jess. I still practice the techniques she taught me!

Faith, Telemarketer, Qualifa

Let's talk!

I'm happy to chat about anything, but here's some ideas what you can ask me about:

  • mid-week meal ideas
  • what records I'm listening to
  • how I can help your business
  • the latest crime mystery podcast
  • this week's Eastenders / Drag Race
or, send me pictures of your cat!